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Internships & Apprenticeships

Deanna Mooney - Internship Coordinator - (928) 776-2275

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ApprenticeshipInternships are more relevant than ever before, providing an opportunity for employers to engage with prospective employees and for these prospective employees to obtain practical experience.

For Employers: Internship are used by employers to gauge candidate qualifications for a wide variety of entry level white-collar professions such as (but not limited to) business management, accounting and finance, computer analysts, communications and public relations. Intern positions can be paid or unpaid depending on the employer. For more information fill out the form below.

For students: This tool is essential for bulking up a resume and obtaining practical experience that will place you ahead of the pack. The fact of the matter is, if you want to work in a professional, technical, or scientific field, you must find your way into an internship to gain the practical work experience employers are requiring for entry level employment.


ApprenticeEmployers interested in participating in internship and/or apprenticeship program are encouraged to contact Yavapai College, the return on investment can sometimes be staggering. To contact us fill out the form below.

According to a LinkedIn study, 28% of internships in non-governmental organizational management lead to jobs, 27% of those in publishing lead to jobs, 13% in hospitality, 49% in accounting, and an amazing 61% of internships in PR & communications lead to direct job placement.

A well planned internship and/or state approved apprenticeship program holds many benefits for local employers, yes there's the requirement of substantial educational elements while on the job in any good program, however, employers also get to "preview" applicants and find security in the fact that who they hire is indeed who they want.