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Student Development Technology Team

Delivering technology administration and support for Student Development

documentThe Student Development Tech Team administers and supports the college’s student success technologies, including, but not limited to: the Banner student information system (student/financial aid), Salesforce customer relationship management system, OneCard campus card systems, advising suite, degree planning, case management, testing services, and early alert tools. The team maintains ongoing operations, maintenance, administration, end-user support, and the use of these tools by the college’s students, faculty, and staff.

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  • Kirsten Adaniya
  • Business Systems Analyst II
    Student Matriculation & Website Development |
    Salesforce | Chatbot Administration
  • (928) 776-2276
  • Kirsten.Adaniya@yc.edu

  • Ryan Harms
  • Business Systems Analyst II
    Campus OneCard/Security &
    Salesforce Support
  • (928) 776-2142
  • Ryan.Harms@yc.edu

  • Harlee Morrison
  • Business Systems Analyst II
    Financial Aid & File Storage Security | Jotform
  • (928) 776-2139
  • Harlee.Morrison@yc.edu