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Our Program and Classrooms

We embrace the principles of an emergent curriculum, which focuses on children’s interests, the importance of relationships, and an engaging learning environment. Rather than adhering dogmatically to any one teaching philosophy, we feel our blending of methods enriches children’s experience and enhances learning.


The Del E. Webb Family Enrichment Center (FEC) provides a developmentally appropriate learning environment for children 3 months through 5 years of age, while serving as a laboratory school for students in the Early Childhood Education program at Yavapai College. The Center offers a quality program based on best practices, promotes parent involvement an dserves as a model for the broader community.


We believe that children learn best when they actively explore and engage with the world around them in the context of trusting and respectful relationships. Our goal is to build on their natural inquisitiveness and to cultivate, in each child, a lifelong passion for learning.

Curriculum and Learning Environment

The FEC has five classrooms, including our Infant Room (3 – 12 months), Toddler A (12 – 24 months), Toddler B (24 – 36 months), Preschool A and Preschool B (3 – 5 years).

Our curriculum focuses on providing meaningful learning environments that support the growth of the whole child using the Arizona Early Learning Standards and the Infant Toddler Developmental Guidelines as a framework. We offer an emergent curriculum which incorporates elements from various teaching philosophies including Montessori, Waldorf, Project Approach, Expeditionary Learning, and Reggio Emilia; the diversity enriches the learning experiences of children and student teachers working in our classrooms.

Each of our classrooms is built on our belief in the importance of the learning environment, of developing trusting relationships between children and teachers, and of supporting children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. Teachers observe children closely, using information about children’s interests and skill development to build both the classroom curriculum and individual learning goals.

Play is an essential element of the FEC curriculum. Play stimulates the children’s thinking, increases their ability to formulate and carry out plans, and helps them learn to regulate their emotions and actions. The classrooms and playgrounds are intentionally organized to invite and enhance children’s learning through play.


The FEC Cook prepares nutritious, balanced meals. We provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Teachers serve meals family style, while supporting children’s developing social, language and self-help skills, Meals are included in tuition. The FEC participates in the Child Nutrition Program (CNP).