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GIFT Fellowship Award Winners

The Fellowship award is an honor that the Instruction Committee created in 2012, when the committee was called Great Ideas For Teaching (GIFT - it still says that on the door of 3-105, and that room is often still referred to as the gift center). It doesn't include a stipend or a special parking space, but winners receive a plaque, and are given the chance to speak about teaching (your philosophy, ideas, experiences, dreams and visions, etc.) during the Summer Institute. The best thing about this award may be that it is based on student and faculty nominations, and that is truly a high honor. 


2024 Jennifer Ritter

2023 Tracy Rasponi, Radiology

2022 Jennifer Ritter, Maria Thomas and Monica Dzupinka

Ceremony video | Dzupinka inspiration for teaching

2021 Dr. Jennifer Jacobson and Dr. Curtis Kleinman

2019 Andrea Schaben

2016 Amber Davies-Sloan

2015 Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich

2014 Matt Pearcy

2013 Tom Gerczynski

2012 David Gorman