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Academic Complaints

Policy Number: 3.16
Title: Student Appeal of Academic or Instructional Decisions by Faculty
Effective Date: May 24, 2023


Yavapai College is committed to maintaining standards that promote academic integrity and student success. The College has established an appeal process to provide students with a timely, respectful, and thorough review of an academic decision which they perceive to be unfair or made in error.

Policy Application

This policy applies to all College students.

Operational Policy

It is the responsibility of the College, student and faculty member to work together to resolve academic issues in a way that promotes academic integrity, partnership, respect, and transparency.

Procedure - Student Appeal of Academic or Instructional Decisions by Faculty Procedure, 3.16.01

Procedure Description
In support of Yavapai College's policy 3.16, Student Appeal of Academic or Instructional Decisions by Faculty, this procedure describes the processes to maintain the full integrity of the policy.

Procedure Responsibility
The Provost and/or Chief Workforce Innovation Officer or their designee, approves and maintains these procedures.

    1. Appeal Requirements
      1. A student may appeal an academic or instructional decision by faculty if they believe the decision was made in error.
      2. The appeal must be made in a timely manner in accordance with the established procedures documented below.
      3. A student may only appeal a decision that affects him/her directly and must represent themselves in the appeal process.
      4. The appeal of an academic or instructional decision requires documentation that the decision was incorrect.
    2. Appeal Procedure
      1. Step 1 - The first step in the appeal process is for the student to contact the faculty member who made the academic or instructional decision.
        1. This contact must be made within 10 business days of the official notification date of the decision.
        2. For appeals concerning a final grade, official notification is considered to be the date the grade is posted to the student's permanent record.
      2. Step 2 - In the event the faculty member and student are unable to reach a mutual agreement within ten (10) business days, the student may then appeal to the appropriate Associate Vice President (AVP) and/or Dean.
        1. The appeal to the AVP and/or Dean must be made within 10 business days in writing using the official form, "Academic or Instructional Decision Appeal to the AVP and/or Dean." All documentation supporting the reason for the appeal must be provided at the time the appeal is submitted.
        2. This appeal must succinctly describe the issues involved, evidence that an error was made, and any relevant information. Missing, incomplete or erroneous information may cause the appeal to be rejected.
      3. Step 3 - The AVP and/or Dean will review the student's appeal and make a decision based on the documentation provided by the student, the faculty member, and other relevant information that may include meetings with appropriate individuals.
        1. The AVP and/or Dean's investigation and decision must be concluded within 10 business days of the date the student appealed the decision to the AVP and/or Dean.
        2. The AVP and/or Dean will provide written documentation of the decision to the student and faculty member.
        3. The decision of the AVP and/or Dean is final.

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