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Marketing and Communications

  • Tim Diesch, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Amy Fruchter, Graphic Designer
  • Mike Grady, Marketing Specialist
  • Jennifer McCormack, Social Media Manager
  • Cadu Medina, Marketing Specialist
  • Jerry Zaryczny, Web Manager

What We Do

The Marketing & Communications department at Yavapai College is responsible for advertising and promoting the college as a whole, its academic programs, its various student resources, college events and activities, and associated offerings through multiple channels including social media, online, print, direct mail, and radio.

The department is also responsible for communicating news and information to local and state media outlets, and internally to the YC community.

Branding & Logos  -  yc.edu/brand

As you know, our brand is not just a logo or a name; it represents the values, mission, and reputation of our organization. Consistency in branding ensures that our message is clear and coherent across all touchpoints. It enables us to establish a strong and recognizable identity in the minds of our potential and current students, partners, and stakeholders.

To achieve the desired branding consistency and integrity, we must ensure the following brand guidelines, specifications, and proper use of our brand assets.

Use of the YC and department logos, mascot “Ruff” imagery, and colors

Under our new YC brand and identity rules, only the official and approved YC and department logos and colors should be used in all and any YC official documentation and communications. This includes print materials, merchandise, emails, presentations, social media, digital content, and all and any other branded YC communications.

Only Athletics and Student Engagement departments are permitted to use the Mascot “Ruff” imagery in YC official documentation and communications.

You’ll find the updated and official YC logos and colors at yc.edu/brand. Please note that the use of all and any department logo and mascot “Ruff” custom versions (department name placed under the YC logo and department versions of mascot “Ruff”) will no longer be permitted in official YC communications. Moving forward, please place the department name in the title, subtitle or as a signature in your communications. For clarification and guidance, please reach out to Marketing and Communications (amy.fruchter@yc.edu).


While you’re welcome to submit a request for photography, for more general needs, please keep in mind that we have a fairly extensive array of photos covering multiple campuses and academic areas, and which may be searched by keyword, available for download at yc.edu/photos.