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Managerial Skills and Leadership Development

Develop the skills, confidence and professional recognition you need in the competitive business world with our 100% online and partially online, skill-building courses. The Fast-Track Management Program offers eight-week courses in our Management Certificate and five-week courses in our Leadership Certificate. Our programs are accredited, affordable, and nationally-endorsed.

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Management Certification

Management Flyer

Earn your Management Certificate in an accelerated series of eight courses designed to develop supervisory skills you need in a competitive business environment. Position yourself for the next promotion at work!

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Management Certificate

Core Requirements: 15 credits

  • MGT140 Organizational Behavior
  • MGT220 Principles of Management
  • MGT223 Human Resource Management
  • MGT230 Principles of Marketing
  • MGT233 Business Communications

Organizational Mgmt Track: 9 credits

  • MGT120 Supervision Techniques
  • MGT132 Ethics in Business
  • MGT229 Strategic Management

Retail Management Track: 9 credits

  • BSA130 Business Financial Applications
  • CSA126 Microsoft Office
  • MGT229 Strategic Management - or -
  • BSA296 Internship
  • Retail Management Endorsement

Hospitality Management Track: 9 credits

  • HOS 100 - Introduction to the Hospitality Industry Credits: 3
  • HOS 115 - Hospitality Front Office Procedures Credits: 3
  • HOS 150 - Hospitality Property Management Credits: 3


  • HOS 110 - Food Service Systems Management Credits: 3

Applied Science in Management (AAS) degree:
Fast-Track courses

  • MGT111 Leadership & Innovation
  • MGT112 Leadership & Collaboration
  • MGT113 Leadership & Communication
  • MGT231 Social Media Marketing
  • MGT232 Internet & Social Media Marketing
  • BSA221 Entrepreneurship
  • BSA131 Introduction to Business (AAS & ABUS)

More fast-track courses coming soon!

Leadership Certification

Leadership Flyer

Transform your leadership potential into reality with our leadership development program.

Five-Week Courses

  • MGT111 Leadership & Innovation
  • MGT112 Leadership & Collaboration
  • MGT113 Leadership & Communication

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Workforce Development for Employers

Courses can be taught at your workplace for management & leadership development. Your workforce development just clicked into place with Yavapai College.


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Local organizations partnering with the Fast-Track Management Program for employee development.

ACE Hardware Retail Distribution Center, Central Yavapai Fire District, Arizona Fire Management (CAFM), Northcentral University, Northern Arizona Veterans Administration Health Care System, Prescott Area Human Resources Association, Prescott Area Leadership Association, Western Association of Food Chains, Yavapai-Apache Nation and many other public and private sector employers in Yavapai County.