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Health Sciences, Physical Education and Wellness Trainer, Physical Therapist, Coach, PT Assistant, Aide

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Athletic Coaching Certificate

The Athletic Coaching Certificate fulfills course work required to obtain the Arizona Department of Education Standard Athletic Coaching Certificate grades 7 - 12. The course work also provides continuing education opportunities for current coaching professionals and are ideal courses for transfer students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a similar area of study. The program emphasis is on athlete-centered coaching theories, methods of communication, strategies for motivation, injury prevention and first aid, and anatomy and physiology applied to exercise and sport instruction.


  • “I think a lot of us figured we would come to Yavapai, take some classes, and get our degree. For some of us that journey was pretty smooth, for others it was long and rocky. For all of us, it took persistence and dedication, but this was never supposed to be the final destination. It shouldn't, it won't end here.”

    -- Alison Barzelay