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Teaching & e-Learning Support

TeLS supports faculty in the design and development of student-centered learning through innovative and research-based practices.


Faculty Support

For teachers needing online learning and educational technology support of all kinds, select the button below.

Faculty Support

Student Support

For support with your Canvas course and other educational technologies, select the button below.

Student Support

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One-on-one Trainings

Do you need some help with Canvas?  Feel free to call us or schedule an appointment with one of our TeLS staff today.

TeLS Webletter

Do you have the pulse on the latest with technological tools, educational tips, and good practices at YC? 

Podcast Party!

A Podcast Party is where we invite you to listen to a podcast with your fellow faculty over the next few weeks and consider it in the context of your teaching practices. 

If you are new to online learning, this orientation will set you up for success.
Enroll in the self-guided course or attend a live 1-hour workshop.

Orientation to Online Learning