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Faculty Support

Faculty Support for EdTech & Online Learning

We support all faculty in their use of educational technology and online learning. Our offices in Prescott and Verde Valley have computer space to use and learn in with helpful staff to assist you. 

On-Demand Support!

Please contact us at tels@yc.edu or 928-771-6120 for immediate help, to discuss your needs, or make an online appointment with staff.

Training and Professional Development

In addition to on-demand support, we provide short courses, regular events and activities to support teaching and learning. Visit our Professional Development page to learn more.

Lunch & Learn events

See our fall 2023 training events

Media Studios

We have media studios to create lessons and videos of all kinds.

Canvas Logo

Canvas LMS

Canvas is the college's Learning Management System (LMS). Every course has a course shell available, no matter what your delivery mode. 

To enter Canvas, first log in to the YC Portal from www.yc.edu, then:

1. Click the "Canvas" quicklink.


2. Click the "my courses" tile, select your course and click "...Canvas Homepage". 


zoom video conferencing logo


Zoom is a video conferencing tool available to all teachers (and staff) to create online real-time meetings for classes or meetings.

panapto logo


Panopto allows you or your students to create videos for your class or other purposes. 

  • upload any video to Panopto
  • add gradable quizzes to videos

Did you know that all your zoom recordings are stored here?

turn it in logo


Turnitin is the plagiarism detection tool available to a faculty in Canvas.

Turnitin has AI writing detection as of April 4, 2023. To learn more about our new AI writing detection technology, view the two documents here:

Respondus Lockdown Browser for Online Proctoring

The Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Respondus Monitor builds upon the power of LockDown Browser, using a student’s webcam and industry-leading video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams. 

NEWS: Respondus now works with Chromebooks. When you enable the LockDown Browser in Canvas, you will find the box to allow Chromebooks under the Advanced options.

Instructor Live Proctoring: LockDown Browser can be used with a video conferencing system like Zoom. The new option is intended for online exams taken remotely. While LockDown Browser prevents cheating on the computer itself, the instructor watches students via live video. It is recommended for small, synchronous classes where instructors can effectively manage and observe students during the exam.
How to use Live Proctoring in Respondus.

Instructor Resources


grammarly logo


Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checker and SO much more. It is available to all students, staff and faculty.

Harmonize discussion board

Harmonize is a new app for Canvas that can replace your existing discussion boards, and its visual design and functionality may improve engagement. Of its many features, we like the media annotations, activity tracking, and especially the ability to have multiple due dates!

NEW Auto-grading feature in Harmonize

Harmonize overview video

Harmonize knowledge base


  • Use Comments and NOT Replies - Replies are not what you want.

The TELS Webletter

The TeLS Webletter is a rich resource to learn about teaching, edtech, see what your colleagues are doing in courses, and have conversations about educational topics. 

Visit the Webletter

Media Streaming and Conversion

The Panopto system allows online video and audio to be delivered efficiently to online learners. TeLS can help you stream your course content, as well as prepare all sorts of media for online or traditional courses.

Copyright law must be taken into consideration when using any copyrighted material, even in education. Our Copyright webpage provides best practices, information, examples and perspectives.

Computer Lab

Our office has workstations for you to use.

The Media Studio

We have a studio with a green screen and teleprompter where you can produce high quality videos.

Videos made here: Medieval Dress-Up | Course Intro

Copyright Help

Educators need to have a basic knowledge of copyright, and the TeLS department can provide information and training for you or your department. Explore our Copyright webpage for information, examples and perspectives, as well as many free photo and other resources.


We are your training experts in all aspects of distance learning. We provide formal trainings as well as one-on-one help with virtually anything related to the subject. Check the YC Training Site for scheduled events, or contact us for an appointment. Our bi-annual Faculty Learning Institutes are fun events to connect with colleagues and staff on a wide range of topics in education today, technological and otherwise. They are great professional growth opportunities to give and receive training, participate in discussions, and collaborate on issues important to your work.