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BSB Information for Instructors

Course preflight checklist for instructors

The BSB courses are blueprinted, meaning they are copied from a template. Although most of the content is locked from editing, instructors have many things to do to prepare the course prior to publishing. Here is a checklist with those items.

Checklist for BS Business Faculty 

Opening courses early - hiding content

For second part of term courses, you can unpublish modules and items in your course until the term starts.

Process for requesting modifications to BSB courses

If there is a basic correction needed (e.g., spelling, name change, formatting, other mistakes, etc.), submit the request through this form; basic corrections will be completed within 1 week. 

Basic Corrections Request Form

If you want to make changes to course content, submit the request through this form:

Course Content Modification Request Form

Your program director decides whether to approve course content modification requests.  

If course content modifications are approved, changes will be made as soon as feasible; major content changes will be made in the course primary template, depending on the time required, after these changes are made by the SME in the course map and CDG 

Directors/chairs: forward your approved modifications to tels@yc.edu with the subject line: BSB modification approval.