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LMS Policy Guide

Operational Procedures

  1. Faculty will send a Welcome message no later than the Friday before the start of the course to include how to access the LMS for their course.

  2. Faculty will make the following components of the LMS course viewable to students no later than the Friday before the start of the course: Required Navigation Elements, Canvas Homepage, Course Syllabus, Week 1 Materials.
    Late start courses should have a message on their published Canvas Homepage at the beginning of the fall and spring semester providing the date the course will be made viewable to students. No other parts of the late start courses need to be visible to students until the Friday before the start of the course.

  3. Course navigation needs to use the required navigation elements.

  4. Faculty will post all assignment grades in the LMS gradebook including final grade in accordance with the timeframe established in course syllabus.

  5. Faculty members shall make relevant course information available in the LMS by:

    1. Providing a course syllabus that contains the required components of a course syllabus.

    2. Providing a course calendar with assignment due dates.

    3. Providing all important course-related dates, including last day to drop a course and the last day to withdraw from a course, upon publishing the course for student access.

  6. Faculty will submit documentation to Teaching and eLearning Support of their intent to integrate third-party software, external applications, and e-packs. Recordings should be conducted using college-adopted technology. Approval process conducted in collaboration with TeLS and ITS.