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QM Certified Courses

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The classes listed below have been certified by Quality Matters as meeting the standards set for quality online and hybrid courses:

Click on the links below to see these QM-certified courses

  1. ENG136: Technical Writing (Professor Tina Luffman, author)
  2. ENG237: Women in Literature (Professor Karen Palmer, author)
  3. ENG210: Introduction to Rhetoric (Professor Karen Palmer, author)
  4. ACC131: Principles of Accounting I (Professor Vikki Bentz, author)
  5. VGD121: Video Game Development for Game Engines I (Professor Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich, author)
  6. CSA126: Microsoft Office for Windows (Professor Lindsay Henning, author)
  7. ENG100: Introductory Composition (Professor Laura Cline, author)
  8. ENG102: College Composition II (Professor Karen Palmer, author)
  9. ENG085: College Literacy Skills (Professor Tina Luffman, author) 
  10. ENG101:College Composition I (Professor Karen Palmer, author)
  11. NSG235: Nursing Management and Leadership (Professor Selina Bliss, author)

QM's certification follows the combination of course and author as certified.  You, too, can teach a QM certified course if one of the authors deed it to you! A master course would be an example of this. You just need to not make any changes to the design and layout of the course; small changes to content are fine!