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BSN Information for Instructors

Course preflight checklist for instructors

The BSN courses are blueprinted, meaning they are copied from the primary template. Although most of the content is locked from editing, faculty need to prepare the course before publishing.

  • Update the Home Page, including the “Welcome” and “Instructor Information” sections.
  • Update the Syllabus page (follow the format as provided). Note each section, especially the Faculty Response Time (to meet RSI requirements).
  • Update the “Your Instructor” page in Canvas.
  • Update all Assignment due dates.
  • Update the Date Ranges in the Module header sections.
  • Set course Start and End dates found in “Settings.”
  • Publish the course the Friday before start date, also found in “Settings.”

Process for requesting modifications to BSN courses

If basic corrections are needed (e.g., spelling, name change, formatting, other mistakes, etc.), submit your request using the “Basic Corrections Request Form” below. TeLS will complete updates within one week. 

BSN Basic Corrections Request Form

If you want to make more substantial content changes, submit the “Course Content Modification Request Form” below.

BSN Course Content Modification Request Form

Changes will be made as soon as feasible; major content changes will be made in the course primary template and then “pushed” out to any “live” sections. Faculty should first update the Course Design Guide (CDG) to note desired changes.