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Workplace Giving at YC

For our students and community.

Workplace Giving at YC is focused on encouraging people like you, the administration, faculty, staff and instructors who know the College most intimately, to know you can invest in it.

Your Workplace Giving at YC Matters!

Providing access to a college education requires financial investment in scholarships, technology and capital improvement. You can know your gifts make an impact on the students we see around campus every day. They also help make the case to potential outside donors that we are a worthy venture.

You Can support our students and community.

It's one thing to be able to say, "I work here," it's another thing to have a meaningful and personal connection with something you can believe in that let's everyone know I believe in Workplace Giving at YC.

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You can make a huge impact
Workplace Giving

  • $50* = $1,300/year
  • $45* = $1,170/year
  • $40* = $1,040/year
  • $35* = $910/year
  • $30* = $780/year
  • $25* = $650/year
  • * per pay period

You Can start Workplace Giving at YC by choosing any of the options here

"It provides hope for a better future not only for the student but for society that will benefit from jobs filled by these students."

-Ellen Harp - Facilities Rental Coordinator

"I gave because I believe there is no better investment in our future than students. Since my students are enrolled at YC it made sense to be a part of that future."

-Ed Newman, Instructor

"I love donating money to the many scholarships available through the Foundation because it’s so easy to make a positive impact for students experiencing their academic trek at YC."

-Tim Diesch, Marketing Specialist

What's your Workplace Giving story?

Contact the Foundation at (928) 776-2025.
We want to hear your story.