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Yavapai College Trail

Oh the trail, yes, it started as an idea, like all things do.

Come let's walk for a spell.

  • Enjoying the trail
  • Taking time to enjoy nature
  • Walking down the trail
  • Views of the campus from the trail
  • Bicycling the trail
  • Walking in a group
  • Viewing Thumb Butte from the trail
  • The trail sign
  • Views of Roughrider Park from the trail

In 2004, a group of students, staff and faculty sought to improve bicycle and pedestrian access on Yavapai College's Prescott Campus.

This desire inspired student Frankie Coburn as he imagined a trail that could exist along the undeveloped parts of Yavapai College's 110-acre Prescott campus. This became the YC Nature Trail that enjoys the beauty of the views and skies of Prescott and Prescott Valley and beyond.

Click here for trail map

Welcome to the Yavapai College Nature Trail

This 1.5 mile, non-motorized trail was built to preserve our natural areas, provide recreational opportunities, and encourage biological, and cultural opportunities for all. It is an official Arizona State Trail, carefully designed and built to be natural and sustainable with the help of a Heritage Fund Grant and local contributors.

Trail Map and Parking Locations

The trail is located on the Yavapai College campus in Prescott. There are several access points, but we recommend two:

  1. Park in front of the Performance Hall and start from the Sculpture Garden; or
  2. Park northwest of the Tennis Courts, cross Washington Avenue at the elbow curve, veer right and up the trail.

YC Trail Information

  • Open from dawn to dusk
  • YC Campus rules are enforced
  • Cyclists keep speeds below 15 mph
  • Hikers and cyclists yield to equestrians
  • Equestrians let the trail dry out to a hard surface before using

How to Contribute

Planning began in 2004, but it has taken time to assure our trail has a strong foundation. Now well-rooted, this young trail can grow to be so much more. You can help. Benches, kiosks, and signage are still needed to enhance your trail experience.

Contribute to the fund

It’s just the beginning!

Although the college board approved development of the trail, the trail has been funded with grants and donations independent of general college funds.

As part the AZ state trail system, Yavapai College's 25-year commitment includes providing ongoing maintenance to keep the trail accessible for all users as a community resource. We are currently seeking financial support to repair the trail from the damage created by the 2014 historic monsoon season. We also have future projects that include informational kiosks and interpretive signage to highlight this unique landscape.

Click here to view the trail map

If you would like to donate to the YC Nature Trail, please contact Steve Walker at the Yavapai College Foundation today by calling (928) 776-2025. And thank you!

Thanks to Our Contributors To Date

  • Yavapai College Facilities
  • Arizona State Parks Heritage Fund
  • YC Foundation
  • City of Prescott
  • Yavapai Trails Association
  • Yavapai College Environmental Club
  • Special thanks to Terry, a student at Prescott College, who gave us our first bench and respite area. And to Andrew, a Yavapai College student, who designed our logo.
  • Granite Mountain Materials
  • APS
  • Paleo West
  • Matt Woodson, Okanogan Trail Construction, a licensed, bonded and insured contractor with over 25 years experience building hundreds of miles of trails. Our gratitude for your unique and exciting vision, and for your patience and expertise to actually create it.

Contributors to the YC trail (2004 recycling campaign)

Special thanks to Lars Hamilton of Moctezuma’s for his generous $1,240 contribution.

  • Steve Sischka
  • Donna Horton
  • Brian Lowe
  • Ed Furbish
  • Doug Merwin
  • Kathi Guyer
  • Hoyt Johnson
  • Lana Ante
  • Bob Hamilton
  • Gertie Miles
  • Penny Griffin
  • Jill Huckeba
  • Roo & Flea
  • Shannon Pott
  • Keith Haynes
  • Nina Perlmutter
  • Carla Houser
  • Cliff Sherrill
  • Kathryn Reisdorfer
  • Gerry Caton
  • Steve & Cindy Alward
  • Bob Williams
  • Chi’s Chinese
  • Michael Chi
  • Steve Elliot
  • Lois Seidel
  • Laura Halter
  • Eric Kelly
  • D. Newman
  • Karen T. Sable
  • Brad Sable
  • Kenny James
  • Gary Fleury
  • Jesse Lynx
  • Kevin Lee
  • Jim Knapp
  • John Stryker
  • Jim Booth
  • Debbie Roberts