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Common GED/HSE Questions

If you are considering taking your GED (HSE), please take a moment to review these commonly asked questions. We look forward to helping you pursue your educational goals.

How much do the GED/HSE classes cost?

GED/HSE Prep classes are free!

How long will it take to get my GED/HSE?

Students generally underestimate the time it takes to prepare for the GED/HSE. The time commitment depends upon individual reading and math ability, scores on pretests, class attendance, and time spent studying outside class. Successful students are those who attend regularly, often for two or more 15-week sessions.

Do I get college credit for these classes?

No. Our preparation classes are non-credit classes.

Do I need to take classes before I take my GED/HSE test?

No. You may take the GED/HSE test without attending preparation classes. Go to GED.com for more information.

Can I earn high school credit or get my high school diploma through Yavapai College?

There are several ways to earn a high school diploma in Arizona, in addition to the GED/HSE. See the Arizona Department of Education website for more information.

Can I earn high school credit by passing the GED/HSE test?

Credit recovery must be negotiated with the student's high school. Some high schools do not offer this option.

Who can take classes?

Students can take classes if they are 16 or older. Students 16 and 17 years old must be withdrawn from high school or no longer being home schooled. Students must also have a current photo ID which proves legal U.S. residence or citizenship. We also welcome students who already have a high school diploma but want to improve their basic academic skills.

When can I take my test?

Students can take the test whenever they are ready. Online practice tests help to determine when a student is ready to take the real test. Go to GED.com to register for your test or take a practice test.

How can I start the classes?

Students must attend Orientation to be admitted to classes. Students may register for orientation by calling (928) 776-2320 or going online to www.yc.edu/ged. During Orientation, we test students for their initial reading, math, and language levels and give them information about the GED/HSE test. We also assess students' readiness to pass the GED/HSE test and their commitment to the class.

When do classes start?

Our prep classes usually begin in August, September, January, February, and May. They may last from 8 to 15 weeks.

Where do classes meet?

We offer classes in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Verde Valley, and Online.

How often do classes meet?

Classes usually meet two days per week for three hours each day. Atendance is strictly monitored.

Do you have classes on-line?

Yes. Online students must complete several online tasks before they are eligible for GED/HSE Online. They also must attend a face-to-face Orientation to get started. These orientations are generally offered several times each semester. Online classes also require an individual interview and regular face-to-face sessions for tutoring and testing.

What is the GED test like?

The Arizona GED/HSE 2014 test consists of 5 computer-based tests: Reasoning Through Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Civics. Much of each test consists of multiple choice questions. In addition, there are other types of questions such as drag-and-drop, drop-down menu, and fill-in-the-blank. There are also 3 different written response items, including a 45 minute extended response question in Reasoning Through Language Arts.  For more information about the GED test, visit the official GED/HSE testing service website.