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Academic Planning

Assistance with choosing a degree/certificate path and developing a plan to reach your goals

For more information: call (928) 776-2106 or (928) 634-6510.

Degree and Certificate Information

Yavapai College degrees transfer to universities or prepare students for entry into specific occupational areas. Certificates are designed to upgrade existing skills or provide competencies for employment.

Video Testimonial: The Importance of an Academic Plan


Degreeworks helps current, degree-seeking students stay on track with their coursework for their degree by providing an online tool to map out courses for each semester ahead using our online degree audit system.

To access Degreeworks:

  1. Login to the MyYC portal
  2. Check the Students tile for a Degreeworks link.

Make an appointment with an academic advisor to learn more

Considerations for Choosing a Major

  • Examine and assess your abilities, career and life goals, interests, and values. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What kind of skills do you have? What subject areas do you like? What do you value in work: security, stability, or diversity? Do you like working alone or with groups?
  • Compare several schools based on your educational needs, such as: major and program requirements, or costs, location, and convenience.
  • Use the resources and assessment tools available at Advisement, Career, and Transfer Centers at your college. You can explore areas of interest by participating in career fairs, internships, student activities, volunteer work, or part-time employment.
  • Visit university websites, browse the catalogs, and use other internet resources designed to help you choose a major and career. The Princeton Review and Collegeboard have tools and information to help you find majors, colleges, and graduate schools.
  • Research as soon as possible and please contact Academic Advising for assistance.

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