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Service Learning

What if you were offered a "plug-and-play" service learning project for students, and all you had to do was say "yes"?

Service LearningLet's say a project was already designed, community/agency contacts were already in place, a student worker would take care of all the planning, details, paperwork, student hourly reporting… and all you had to do was show up and do your thing?

Visit the Service Learning website

Service Learning projects can take any form imaginable

  • On-site agency and school placements
  • Buddy-mentoring programs in local middle and high schools
  • Participating as a part of a bird-watching collective
  • Interviewing and compiling life narratives among elders in the community
  • Sharing information and tutoring community members of all ages in math, reading, English, Spanish, stress management and technology skills
  • Collaborating on a social media campaign to get the word out about a particular non-profit agency and a significant issue/cause

Yes, your colleagues are doing all of these projects at Yavapai College... and many more!

Self-Discovery through Service

How do Service Learning projects benefit our students?

Community Engagement projects can be a significant opportunity for students to discover "who they really are," their "true calling," what they’d love to do for their life’s work (and yes, even what they’d like to steer clear of...)

Community service and my crisis of identity: Kevin Cheung at TEDxHunterCCS 10.5.2013

TEDxHunterCCS - Emma Hartung- The Importance of ______ in Community Service

Service Learning = Community Engagement

Community Engagement – with our students, colleagues, and greater communities -- is central to our mission as community college faculty. Service Learning IS Community Engagement.

Keep in mind, Service Learning is not "one-size-fits-all." Nor is it – in any way – intended as "one more thing we have to do." Rather, consider Service Learning as one more tool in your arsenal to better engage your students.

PowerPoints are putting students to sleep? That awesome assignment you’ve been using for the past five years is not working anymore? There’s not a lot of reflection accompanying those readings?

Why not try a Service Learning project to creatively address your learning outcomes? You have nothing to lose – especially when we have a team of people who will support you in designing/implementing it!

Fill out the Service Learning project inquiry form to get the process started

To get started on your project, all you need to do is complete the form below and hit submit. Someone will follow up with you, help design your project, handle the details, and get everything in place to make it a success!

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