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WEPA Printing

With WEPA printing kiosks, you can now print from home to YC or from YC to other WEPA schools.


With WEPA printing kiosks, you can now print from home to YC or from YC to other WEPA schools.

Students, download the following

  1. WEPA Guide
  2. Tag-It feature
  3. Print Less: Select Options Before Printing

WEPA Pricing at Yavapai College

  • Simplex Prints: b&w: 10¢ / color: 50¢
  • Duplex Prints: b&w: 18¢ / color: 95¢

Where are the printers located?

  • Prescott: 1-207 (Learning Center), 19-109 (Library), 19-202 (Computer Commons) 3-Rider Diner (hallway by mailboxes)
  • CTEC: 70-187 (Student Lab)
  • Prescott Valley: 40-223 (Prescott Valley Center)
  • Verde Valley: Building M (Library), Building I (Answer Center)

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • YC Flexicash
  • Credit/debit card (surcharge applies) payment made at WEPA kiosk at time of printing
  • WEPA Account
  • WEPA Print Cards available at:
    • Prescott – learning center, computer commons, cashier, library and Sodexo cashier
    • Prescott Valley – front desk
    • CTEC – front desk
    • Verde Valley – cashier, library and answer center

Who does this affect?

Enrolled students and College guests.

What does this mean?

Areas of the College which experience a particularly high volume of student print jobs have been transitioned to WEPA printing kiosks.

These kiosks allow students and guests to print out documents at their convenience and from/to any WEPA kiosk, anywhere in the world.

Printing a document will result in a small fee per page being assessed.

Seven kiosks have been deployed throughout the College district - see "Where are the printers located?" below.

Why is the College doing this?

The College's goals with the introduction of WEPA printing were threefold:

  1. Reduce costs for printers, toner, and paper
  2. Encourage conservation and reduce waste
  3. Provide flexibility to students

What benefits do I get?

  • High Quality: Clear, crisp 4-color or black & white prints on 50% recycled, 24lb paper.
  • Print anywhere: Cloud technology lets you send documents to your WEPA account that can be printed at any kiosk at any campus.
  • Convenient: Print from smart phones, home computers, USB keys and anywhere within the system of printers.
  • Contributes to "green" initiatives: No wasted paper. Pay for only what you want to print. Delete the unwanted items from your queue.
  • Lower Costs: Decreases YC expenditures on paper, toner, and printer equipment by approximately $20,000 per year.

Who do I contact with questions?

  • OneCard/FlexiCash Questions
    Ryan Harms - (928) 776-2142
    (Building 1, lower level)
  • Printing Technical Assistance
    WEPA Card Top-Up
    1-(800) 675-7639
  • Other Questions
    Becky Goldsmith - (928) 717-7734

Print to a kiosk on campus

You can send your files to the WEPA print cloud from labs and libraries on campus, then print your files at any WEPA print kiosk.

  1. To print a file from a computer on campus, open the file and select "File" then "Print"
  2. Select "WEPA-BW Printer to print the document in black and white or select "WEPA-Color Printer" to print the document in high definition color.
  3. Provide final approval for the file to be sent to the WEPA print cloud by clicking the "Proceed" button.
  4. A window will appear prompting you to login to your WEPA account which will place the uploaded file in your account.
  5. After clicking the "Ok" button, a window will appear that notifies you that the file has been uploaded and is available to be printed at any WEPA kiosk. The file is available in the cloud for 24 hours.

NOTE: A release code will be generated which allows you to display your print job at the kiosk. However, a faster way to display your print job(s) is to swipe your OneCard at the kiosk or login with your YC email address and myYC password.

Print from Personal Computer

You can send your files to the WEPA print cloud from any computer on or off campus that is connected to the Internet and then print your files at any WEPA print kiosk. The files must be sent by using either the WEPA print drivers or by uploading the files to the WEPA website.

Printing via WEPA Print Driver

  1. Download the WEPA print driver onto your personal computer by logging into your account at and selecting "download Print to Cloud."
  2. Printing occurs through the same method as printing from a lab or library on campus.

Printing via WEPA Web Site

  1. Upload your file(s) by logging into your WEPA account at and selecting "Web Upload."
  2. You will be required to login to your WEPA account (by swiping your OneCard or logging in with your YC email address and myYC password) at the WEPA print kiosk and select the files that you want to print.