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Health Sciences Division Nursing, Allied Health, EMS, Radiology and Health, Physical Education & Recreation

The School of Health and Wellness prepares students for careers in Health Care and related fields. We offer a variety of certificate programs that allows the student to directly enter the growing health care industry, as well as a quality start towards a professional degree.

From first responder or patient care in a clinic or hospital we have a place for you.

Health care professions will always be in demand. It is one of the top growth fields in our area. At Yavapai College we do an exceptional job in preparing students for a career in health care.

We offer state of the art labs in our biological and chemical classes which lays the foundation for later course work. Once students have selected a specialty, we utilize seasoned faculty that have the expertise in those fields and we have newly constructed and renovated facilities that significantly contribute to a quality learning environment.

Students are exposed in providing patient care before they finish. Those programs that are independently accredited maintain high standards of adherence and performance which employers appreciate. We have many students that are offered jobs before they finish their course work. We encourage you to explore the many degree and certificate options available to you in the School of Health and Wellness.