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Yavapai College is committed to ensuring that every graduate leaves our college with the skills and knowledge necessary to be an engaged and successful citizen in the global community. Our General Education program is designed to provide students with the tools they need to communicate effectively, understand their connections to the natural world, contend with contemporary issues and apply their creativity and insight to career, society and home life. To ensure that our students are mastering those tools, a five-year assessment plan has been implemented.

Collect: Over the course of two years, assessment data is collected from faculty across the curriculum, using a common four-point rubric.

Return: In year three, that data is returned to faculty in the form of aggregated reports. Faculty then use that data to assess student achievement, and to identify strengths and weaknesses in the General Education program.

Revise: By October 31 of year four, faculty submit curriculum changes, if necessary, to address any issues revealed by the data.

Implement: Curriculum changes go into effect in the next catalog year, year five of the assessment plan.

And then the process begins again. By using this rotating five-year system, Yavapai College continually reiterates its commitment to improvement in teaching and learning.

Five Year Plan

Assessment Video