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Here are all the tools and resources you will need to design learning-centered curriculum! Supply the subject-area expertise and related background information and you'll have a quality curriculum product in no time.


Dr. Kimberly A. Moore
Chief Workforce Innovation Officer
Division of Workforce Innovation and Economic Development
928-717-7166 or 928-777-3177


Yavapai College implemented the Curriculog Curriculum Management System in Fall 2018.
Curriculog User Manual - login required to access file

Contact curriculum@yc.edu  or make an appointment for additional information, access and resources for Curriculog.

Curriculum Development Tools

Please contact curriculum@yc.edu for more information.

Curriculum Charter

Division/Area Representative
Faculty,  Chair Liz Peters
Faculty Senate Representative Vacant
Division 1 (Career and Technical Education) Alex Barber
Division 1 (Career and Technical Education) Cassi Gibson
Division 2 (Health Sciences) Charles Lohman
Division 2 (Health Sciences) Jennifer Ritter
Division 3 (Business, Professional Programs, Visual & Performing Arts) Tiffany Kragnes
Division 3 (Business, Professional Programs, Visual & Performing Arts) Lindsay Masten
Division 4 (Verde Valley; English, Humanities & Social Sciences) Kathie Peterson
Division 5 (Science, Math, and Technology) Mark Muchna
Adjunct Faculty Representative (faculty member) Vacant
Assessment and Program Review Manager Sarah Southwick
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Tania Sheldahl
Dean of Instructional Support Stacey Hilton
Registrar Sheila Jarrell
Student Development Enrollment or Retention Advisor Andrea Riffel
Student Representative

Jacqueline Mench

Curriculum & Articulation Coordinator

Patti Schlosberg

Non-voting Membership
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, Financial Aid Representative Diana Dowling
Curriculum Specialist Emily Peek
Library Representative Ustadza White
Scheduling Department Representative Leslie Sparkman

October 31, 2023 – Deadline for 2024-25 Academic Catalog

ZOOM Meeting Time: Tuesdays 3:30 - 5:00 pm

2022-23 Meetings Agenda Approved Minutes
August 23, 2022 Agenda Approved Minutes
September 6, 2022 Agenda Approved Minutes
September 13, 2022 Agenda Approved Minutes
September 27, 2022 Agenda Approved Minutes
October 11, 2022 Agenda Approved Minutes
November 8, 2022 Agenda Approved Minutes
November 22, 2022 Agenda

Approved Minutes

Approved addendum to minutes

November 29, 2022 Agenda Approved Minutes
December 6, 2022 Agenda Approved Minutes
January 10, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
January 24, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
February 7, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
February 21, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
March 7, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
March 21, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
April 4, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
April 18, 2023 Cancelled
May 2, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
2023-24 Meetings Agenda Approved Minutes
September 5, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
September 19, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
October 3, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
October 17, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
November 7, 2023 Agenda Approved Minutes
November 21, 2023 Agenda
December 5, 2023 Agenda
December 12, 2023
January 9, 2024
January 23, 2024
February 6, 2024
February 20, 2024
March 5, 2024
April 2, 2024

General Education is the core and foundation of the American educational experience, defining a set of values, skills and ideas that give a sense of coherence and connectedness to the learning process.

Yavapai College recognizes that general education is essential for personal and intellectual growth, an effective and innovative workforce, and a successful and vibrant civic society.

Yavapai College’s General Education program is designed to encourage curiosity and an active interest in the world; practical, disciplined thinking; the development of personal and civic values; and a willingness to acknowledge and appreciate diverse cultural and historical perspectives.

View the ATF Member Video

State Articulation Group ATF Representative ATF Role
Academic Advising Andrea Riffel Lead
Academic Advising Ashley Burkhardt Member
Administration of Justice Jerald Monahan Lead
Admissions & Records Sheila Jarrell Lead
Agriculture Marnee Zazueta Lead
Agriculture Justin Brereton Member
Allied Health/Health Related Professions Ashley Picard Lead
Anthropology Suzanne Waldenberger Lead
Art Bryan Robertson Lead
Biology George Carpenter Lead
Business Lauri Dreher Lead
Chemistry Gino Romeo Lead
Communication Kathie Peterson Lead
Computer Science & Computer Info Systems Lamar Johnson Lead
Computer Science & Computer Info Systems Philip Reid Member
Early Childhood Education Tara O'Neill Lead
Economics Kim Donaldson Lead
Education Heather Leavitt Lead
Education Tara O'Neill Member
Engineering Liz Peters Lead
English Laura Cline Lead
Ethnic Studies Jennifer Jacobson Lead
Ethnic Studies Suzanne Waldenberger Member
Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Physical Ed & Wellness Charles Lohman Lead
Family and Consumer Science NO PROGRAM
Film & Media Arts Helen Stephenson Lead
General Education Karen Palmer Lead
Geography Stephen Doyle Lead
Geology Lead
History Suzanne Waldenberger Lead
Hospitality Carl Miller Lead
Humanities Suzanne Waldenberger Lead
Interior Design NO PROGRAM
Journalism and Media Arts NO PROGRAM
Languages Curtis Kleinman Lead
Mathematics Andrea Schaben Lead
Music Chris Tenney Lead

Barbara Durham


Gillian Troxel

Nutrition Kara Giannetto Lead
Parks & Recreation NO PROGRAM
Philosophy Andrew Winters Lead
Physics, Physical Science & Astronomy Diane Dutkevitch Lead
Political Science NO PROGRAM
Psychology Nichole Guzzo Lead
Psychology Laraine Herring Member
Religious Studies Andrew Winters Lead
Social Work Mark Whiteley Lead
Social Work Jennifer Jacobson Member
Social Work Karly Schauwecker Member
Sociology Jennifer Jacobson Lead
Trades and Industrial Professions Michael Schaible Lead
Theatre Arts Nanette Hofer Lead
Women's Studies NO PROGRAM

If a college or university approaches Yavapai College to establish a transfer partnership, or if Yavapai College would like to pursue a transfer agreement:

  1. Notify the Curriculum & Articulation Coordinator in the Office of Instruction. The Articulation Coordinator will speak to the Associate VP-Student Affairs to ascertain need and then will initiate a discussion or meeting with the transfer institution to obtain an articulation agreement (generally standard).
  2. If necessary, the Office of Instruction will provide and verify course-by-course or program requirements to supplement the agreement. Occasionally, a specific division or department will be contacted for additional detailed information (e.g., Nursing).
  3. The agreement will be forwarded to the Associate VP-Student Affairs for review, who will forward it to the VP of Academic Affairs for review. Changes/edits will be noted and returned to the Office of Instruction.
  4. The updated agreement will be forwarded to Procurement & Contract Services at procurement@yc.edu for final review/corrections. Revisions at this stage will be negotiated directly between Contract Services and the transfer institution. If necessary, the agreement will be forwarded back to the Office of Instruction for review with the Associate VP-Student Affairs and/or the VP of Academic Affairs before signing. The YC signee will be the Director of Procurement and Contracts.
  5. Procurement & Contract Services will email the final signed document to the transfer institution, maintain a copy (as the central repository for all contracts), and copy the Office of Instruction, the Associate VP-Student Affairs, and the VP of Academic Affairs.
  6. The Associate VP-Student Affairs will provide information to the Transfer Advisor to update the Advising Webpage.

University Partner information can be located on the Transfer Center webpage.