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Parents and Family

We welcome you!

If you are a parent or family member of a Yavapai College resident, the Office of Residence Life would like to welcome you to the YC community. We are proud to partner with you to ensure your student’s success.

Our mission is to foster open communication between the college and our student's family members.

We engage parents, family members, and students by encouraging interest, participation, and support. This enhances the quality of both the student and family members' experience during their years involved with the Office of Residence Life.

Caring | Communication | Confidentiality | Safety


girlThe Residence Life team works hard to create a residential community where we work together to help and care for one another. We are here for your student. Our goal is to ensure that they are connected to the academic and interpersonal resources they need in order to be successful at Yavapai College.

Your student's health and wellness are important to their personal and academic success. Yavapai College offers mental, physical, and emotional health resources and services for our residents.


friends AlertYC is an emergency text message/email notification system used to provide information and instructions to students, faculty, and staff in the event of an incident or emergency on-campus, including campus closures or late starts/early releases. 

The Parent and Family Member Remind Text group is a “one-way communication” tool, intended to help you stay connected to the Office of Residence Life. While your student is learning how to take ownership over their education, they need you to check in on them. We will send important announcements so you can do just that – follow up with your student and give them a “nudge” to ensure they are staying on top of their residential responsibilities and housing deadlines.


guysThe Office of Residence Life strongly values and respects the confidentiality of our residents. We understand that parents and family members are personally invested in their student while living on campus. Our goal is to support you in this experience while ensuring that our department communicates within the parameters of FERPA .

FERPA regulates that the student has primary ownership over their respective educational records, the Office of Residence Life cannot speak to parents about specific student information including personal information, account balances, grades, transcripts, class schedules, etc. 

Support your student in being proactive and involved in their educational decisions and responsibilities by teaching them to take the lead. The best-case scenario is for students to provide information regarding account balances, class schedules, grades, and more to their parents.



We strive to maintain a comfortable living environment for everyone and work closely with our campus partners to promote many safety and accountability measures in the residence halls

  • Residents are provided with 24 hours on-call resident assistance, as well as regularly scheduled professional and student staff coverage from 8 am – 4 am.
  • All residents are required to register their guests between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am.
  • The residence halls are equipped with video surveillance cameras in public spaces. Cameras are monitored and recorded 24 hours a day.
  • The Residence Halls are equipped with emergency “blue light” telephone stations so anyone can easily call for help if needed. College Police and local area law enforcement will be immediately notified of the emergency and respond.

Yavapai College Campus Safety is a certified, full-service 24/7 police department on the Prescott Campus.

  • YCCS is dedicated to your student’s safety and works in partnership with your students as an ally to their educational goals.
  • Our campus safety teams visit the residence halls regularly and conduct check in’s and regular evening rounds in the halls.
  • If your student has an emergency and calls 911 for any reason, YCCS will respond to their needs, 24/7.

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards supports the educational mission of Yavapai College by upholding the standards of conduct. The intended purpose of the Code of Conduct to maintain order and stability and preserve all educational functions by setting forth standards of behavior and promoting respect for the rights of all individuals.

Conduct and Community Standards staff are supportively engaged with residence hall students during the mandatory resident orientation and throughout the year whenever needed.