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Submit Your QM-ready Course

In order to submit your course to Quality Matters for certification, there are a few steps to accomplish!  Let me take you through them one at a time.  Rest assured I will be there with you along the way!
Begin by completing a self review:
  • Log in to your own account
    • Don't have one?  Go here...
    • Don't remember your account?  Contact An Pfister.
Now, open the Self Review tool
  • Select "My Tools" > "Course Review System".  You should now see this:
  • Choose "Start A Self-Review" and follow the instructions to complete your own review.  
    • Be sure to choose An Pfister as your QM Coordinator!
Once you reach the end of your self-review, it is time to evaluate what you discovered.

Here are some additional tips:

  • No one else will see this- it is only for your eyes.  Your Quality Matters Coordinator will be notified a self-review has begun, but the review itself, the contents of your review can only be seen by you.
  • The entire QM rubric complete with annotations further explaining each Standard as well as giving examples will now be available to you as you check your course against the QM rubric.
  • If you think you have met a Standard, leave yourself a quick note and move on.
  • If you think you have not met a Standard, leave yourself a note about how you think you can update your course to meet that Standard.

(Please contact An Pfister for information about some of the materials I have available for your use in Canvas that will satisfy many of the Standards.  All you need to do is import into your own class.)
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