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Awards Committee

Improve staff engagement and job satisfaction through highlighting fellow employees with appreciation.


Recognize a peer for going above and beyond the call of duty!

When you fill out the form a certificate of gratitude sent to the person and their name is listed on the website for a long time! It only takes a moment, and a simple "I appreciate you" is usually enough to brighten someone's day.

This is open to all staff members, full-time, part-time… it doesn't matter. Let's celebrate the hard work and dedication our staffers give every day. We look forward to seeing your nominations!

Click here to send a YC Roughrider High Five Award

November 2021 Winners

  • Andrea Annibale
  • Austin Kaimlia
  • Carla Weil
  • Charlotte Dunnigan
  • Chris Tenney
  • Craig Ralston
  • Diana Dutkevitch
  • Elsie Freemen
  • Fanny Zapata
  • Gwen Payne
  • Gwen Payne
  • Ilene Roby
  • Jami Dodwell
  • Jason Major
  • Jeremy Poehnert
  • Joan Fisher
  • Josh Bryan
  • Leslie Sparkman
  • Linda Brannock
  • Linda Hoots
  • Linda Hoots
  • Lisa Rhodes
  • Luke Seitters
  • Marylou Mercado

View the full archive of High Five winners - docx

YC Way Award

Spring 2021 YC WAY Award Winners

  • Cristina Poeppel - Early College - Relationship Excellence
  • Barrett Johnson - Teaching and E-Learning Support Specialist - Service Excellence
  • Jennifer Ritter - Clinical Nursing - Learning Excellence

Download the Spring 2021 Nominee slides - pdf

All YC employees—faculty, staff, and administration—are eligible to be nominated for a YC Way Award. Anyone can nominate someone: peer-to-peer, supervisor-to-employee, and employee-to-supervisor.

Any nominations received after the deadline will automatically be applied to the next Semester’s award process.

Learn more here about YCWay

Join the Awards Committee!

Come join the Awards Committee as a Division Rep and enjoy the planning of various fun activities to help recognize the excellent employees of Yavapai College. The committee plans events such as the Winter Celebration and the Years of Service. The committee also awards employees via the High Five Awards and the YC Way Awards.

Apply online here

Awards Committee Members