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Year Round Pell Grants

Summer Pell Grants available

 Pell Grants are available year round (including summer.) Students who completed the 2021-2022 FAFSA application and will be enrolled at least half-time (at least half time 6+ credits) for the summer semester may be eligible to receive Pell Grant funding. Awarding begins in April.

Summer Pell Grant Eligibility Requirements
  • Have completed a 2021-22 FAFSA
  • Be Pell Grant eligible
  • Enroll in summer classes before the June 12th deadline
  • In most cases, there is a requirement to enroll at least half-time (6+ credits)
  • Be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Have lifetime Pell Grant eligibility remaining

Important facts to note
  • Many students use their full loan eligibility over the fall and spring semesters, leaving nothing available for summer. If possible, students should reserve some of their annual federal loan eligibility for the summer.
  • Eligible students may receive up to three Pell awards in one academic year.
  • The maximum timeframe that students may receive Federal Pell Grant is the equivalent of twelve full-time semesters (600%). One full-time semester of Pell equals 50%.

Check your Lifetime Eligibility

You can check for your remaining eligibility level in your MyYC Portal. View your Lifetime Eligibility Units (LEU) on the Financial Aid Overview Page. In the portal, go to Students -> My Financial Aid -> Financial Aid Overview -> Lifetime Eligibility for PELL. 

Minimum Credits for Summer Pell Grant

To be eligible for a summer Pell Grant, you must:

  • If you enrolled full-time (12+ credits) and received the full-time Pell Grant amount for fall 2022 and spring 2022, you must enroll and attend at least half-time (6+ credits) in summer classes to receive a summer Pell Grant.
  • If you enrolled part-time fall 2021 or spring 2022, there is no minimum credit requirement to receive a summer Pell Grant (unless required by your EFC). You can use the remainder of your annual Pell Grant amount during summer with no minimum credit requirement.

Important Dates:

  • Mon Apr. 11 - Summer 2022 registration begins
  • Sun June 12 - Deadline to enroll in summer classes for Pell Grant eligibility

See the Academic Calendar for drop dates and refund amounts. For more information, please see the Financial Aid Withdrawal/Repayment Policy.