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Training and Development

Yavapai College offers a variety of learning opportunities for staff and faculty.

Please consult directly with the department that offers the training for a full list of course offerings, eligibility requirements, and registration procedures.

Training Opportunities

New Employee Orientation

This training provides an overview of the College and its mission, services and benefits available, and policies and procedures relevant to employment at Yavapai College. All new employees

Workplace Ethics

This training is designed to help employees exhibit ethical behavior when carrying out responsibilities as College representatives, following basic College values of honesty and integrity. It helps prepare you for the challenges and responsibilities you may face as an employee of Yavapai College in several areas, including preventing workplace and campus harassment. Regular FT staff, regular PT staff, regular FT faculty

Teaching & eLearning Support (TeLS)

The TeLS team provides resources, training, and support for educational technology for students and employees of Yavapai College. Visit the YC Training site to register for trainings and workshops, including the Summer and Winter Institutes. Regular FT faculty, adjunct faculty

Performance Management

Web videos guide you in completing and understanding the performance review process at Yavapai College with the goals of making employees aware of what is expected of them, providing employees with continuous feedback about their performance, and providing employees with opportunities for continuous learning and development. Regular FT staff, regular PT staff

Training Ain't Just Telling

This web video, featuring YC employee Lindsay Henning, highlights how to develop an effective training program, including how to decide what is needed, the target audience, and assessment methods. Great for subject matter experts, managers, supervisors, and instructors. All employees

PPT Tricks and Tips

This web video, featuring YC employee Chris Heyer, highlights the effective use of PowerPoint features to create great presentations and notes to get the best results possible. All employees

Travel Request Form

This web video provides details on the Travel Request form, available through the Business Office, including how to fill it out and procedures necessary to process the request both before and after travel for work-related business, training, and activities. All employees

Web Author Training

This training is for those chosen by their Department managers or immediate supervisors to update and maintain web content for their department. Authorized employees

Policies & Programs

Employee Training and Development, Staff External Activities

Yavapai College grants funding to eligible staff employees for activities to improve skills, knowledge, and behaviors that enhance effectiveness and service to the College community. HR Policy 2.05 Employee Training & Development.Regular FT staff, Regular PT staff

Professional Growth Funds for Full-time Faculty

Yavapai College grants fiscal awards to eligible continuing contract, probationary, or limited term faculty teaching a full-time load for activities that lead to academic and professional growth. HR Policy 2.38 Professional Growth Funds for Full-time Faculty.Regular FT faculty

Yavapai College Tuition Waivers

The District waives Yavapai College tuition for eligible employees and dependents according to stated policy. HR Policy 2.15 Tuition Waivers Regular FT staff, regular PT staff, regular FT faculty, adjunct faculty

Staff Development Scholarship Application

This program provides financial assistance to eligible staff actively seeking increased professionalism and effectiveness through staff development opportunities. Regular FT staff

Roger Runyan Employee Career Enhancement Award Program

This program provides financial assistance to eligible employees actively seeking increased professionalism and effectiveness through educational enrichment opportunities. Regular FT staff

Applications for 2021-22 now open online and due by May 31, 2021.

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