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Outstanding eLearning Instructor Award

This award is given on an annual basis for inspired teaching using digital tools. The award recognizes instructors who demonstrate best practice in the application of digital tools to create the most effective learning opportunities for students.

This year's award went to Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich, director of the video game development program. Ruth has been an online instructor for over 10 years and has pioneered coursework in Second Life, graphics, and video game design and creation. Last year her VGD121 earned a Quality Matter Certification. We are proud to have her at YC!

eLearning Award Criteria

  • Innovation using digital content with successful results in courses
  • Sharing of best practices within the college community
  • Continued effort toward learning new skills in practice of teaching


  • 2016 Dr. Suzanne Waldenberger
  • 2015 Dr. Selina Bliss
  • 2014 Dr. Karly Way
  • 2013 Curtis Kleinman
  • 2012 Joanne Oellers