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Yavapai College District Governing Board and Operational Policies

The District Governing Board authorizes the College President to establish and implement all operational policies and procedures.

District Governing Board Policies


PolicyStat is a system that we use here at Yavapai College to house all of our policies and procedures. Follow the above link to access PolicyStat. PolicyStat utlizes a search function that allows you to search for policies via title, number, or any keyword.

Policy Writing Guidelines

Policy Change Proposal Form

Policies Out For Public Review

Sunset Policies

New Procedures

  • None at this time

 Policy Review Committee

The Policy Review Committee (PRC), comprised of designated cross-functional members, meets monthly. PRC reviews recommendations for new policies, changes in policies or policy sunsets from the policy owner (or designee). The committee gathers feedback from the College community, and ultimately sends a final recommendation to the College Council (CC). CC will send their recommendation to the President and the President will make the final decision.


Dr. Janet Nix
Chief Human Resource Officer


  • Committee Membership
  • Leslie Sparkman- Yavapai College Staff Association President Designee
  • Marnee Zazueta- Faculty Senate President
  • Jeb Bevers- Faculty Representative
  • Pauline Reinsch- Faculty Representative
  • Deise Woollsey - Facultly Representative
  • Tanya Ghanni - Faculty Representative
  • Jeanne Welch- Director of Finance and Operations, Yavapai College Foundation**
  • Tania Sheldahl- Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Frank D'Angelo- Director, Business Services/Controller
  • Irina Del Genio- Academic Dean Representative
  • Stacey Hilton- Dean for Instructional Support, Policy Committee Chair
  • Eliana Oberlander– Phi Theta Kappa Representative
  • Student Representative
  • Jamie Oltersdorf - Coordinator CHRO, Policy Committee Support (nonvoting)
  • Pam Pierce - HR Policy Support - HR Voting Representative
  • Janet Nix - Chief Human Resources Officer

Developing new or revising existing operational policy

The development of new operational policy or revision to existing operational policy is accomplished through a consistent administrative process. Visit Policy Administration 10.15 or view the Policy Development and Review Cycle for more information.