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Information on accessing rosters, withdrawing students, grade posting, and FERPA.

  • For questions contact Sheila Jarrell (928) 776-2107,, Bldg 1-111

Fall 2020 downloadable instructions

Important information for the Fall 2020 Semester

Fall 2020 - Part of Term Dates 

Part of Term

Fall 2020 Grading Overview

Important information for the Fall 2020 Semester

POT 1 (Full-length semester classes)

  • Last day to add: Sun., Aug 23, 2020
  • Last day to drop: Sun., Aug 23, 2020
  • Last day for refund: Sun., Aug 23, 2020
  • FTSE: 
  • Deadline for student-initiated withdraws for full semester classes: Mon, Oct 12, 2020

Short class procedure

Eight-week Classes (8 weeks)
- 3rd day after displayed start date - Last day to add
- 6th day after displayed start date - Last day to drop, receive refund

Classes less than 8 weeks
- Day before 1st class meeting - Last day to add or drop with refund

Accessing Rosters

My Class Roster shows current enrollment. Update your roster regularly by dropping no-shows and by withdrawing students who are not participating. It is your responsibility to monitor enrollment and attendance.

Required by Federal Financial Aid and Veteran's Administration regulations.

HOW-TO: Monitoring and Updating your Rosters

Check your roster daily through the first Thursday of the semester, and then weekly thereafter. Withdraw any no show students by the first Sunday and then weekly thereafter. Update your roster regularly by dropping no-shows and by withdrawing students who are not participating.


  • My Class Rosters verify current enrollment and to contact students
  • Faculty Withdraw drop students as "no shows" or as they quit attending
  • Submit Final Grades submit final grades


Incomplete Grading Overview and Posting

When is an incomplete grade appropriate and how is it posted?

See the catalog image below for the two requirements that must be met for an incomplete grade to be appropriate. Incomplete grades are posted during the final grading process.

When entered, an incomplete grade will require a "default" grade. This is the grade that the student should earn if no additional work is completed on the part of the student.

When entered, an incomplete grade will also require a deadline date. The system will offer the latest date allowed for that term, but the instructor can choose to adjust this to an earlier deadline date. (An earlier date may help the student remember to complete the remaining requirements.)

TIP: Give the student a deadline that is earlier than the deadline posted, which allows time to send the new grade earned to the Registrar for processing.

Review Catalog language for Incomplete Grades

FERPA Reminder

All student information contained in Yavapai College education records is confidential. Please review the FERPA information for Faculty and Instructional Staff below each semester.

When in doubt, give nothing out Keep it confidential!

FERPA (Federal Education Right to Privacy Act) is a Federal regulation; a violation could result in loss of funding for the College. FERPA applies to the education records of Yavapai College (YC) students. FERPA gives students the right to inspect, seek amendment to, and offer some control over disclosure of those records.

What is the purpose of the law?

To protect the confidentiality of educational records of students.

How does FERPA affect how I use and discuss student information?

It is ALWAYS legal to discuss with the student in person. Disclosure of confidential information to a third party is generally not allowed under FERPA without signature of the student.

What about records of students under 18?

If the student is attending a post-secondary institution, the records belong to the student. Parents of dependent students can work with the Registrar's Office to document financial dependency, and the Registrar can then provide student information.

Privacy Holds

<p\>Students can request a 'Privacy Hold' through the Registrar's Office. This hold prevents us (the College) from even disclosing the fact that someone is a student! As Faculty, it is best to always assume this when responding to phone or e-mail requests. Do not provide confidential information, unless you are positive that you are communicating directly with the student. Confidential holds show on your roster view through myYC. <p\>It is generally OK to share information with YC officials who have an 'educational need to know' but this must be verified before you share information. Turn over any confidential papers if someone walks up; put files away; make sure your computer screen is not visible to others; and be mindful of computer access in the home! It is NOT acceptable for family members of faculty to view class rosters or other student information.


Get a phone number and return the call to verify to whom you are speaking. Involve the student!

Students Opting in for 'Confidential' in the classroom setting:

Students cannot choose to be anonymous in the classroom setting. If a student has chosen 'confidential' for his or her directory information, that does not mean that an instructor cannot call on him or her by name in class or that the student's email address cannot be displayed on an electronic classroom support tool such as a discussion board, blog, or chat feature.

Web-based Tools to Support Classes

Courses supported by class websites and/or discussion groups must take extra precautions to not inadvertently release non-directory student information. It is recommended that such Web-based tools employ a security layer so that only class members and instructors can access appropriate information.

Posting Grades

Since grades can never be directory information, it is inappropriate to post grades in a public setting.

Supplemental Materials

Questions? Call Sheila Jarrell, Registrar: (928) 776-2107 or ext. 2107