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Facilities Management

Prescott Campus Building 20 - (928) 776-2180 -

  • Directory
  • David Laurence – (928) 717-7666
    Director, Facilities Mgmt and Planning
  • James Crockett – (928) 717-7645
    Assistant Director, Facilities Mgmt and Planning
  • Scott Blevins – (928) 717-7639
    Manager, Plant & Process Engineer
  • Mike Kervin – (928) 776-2180
    Grounds & Landscape Supervisor
  • Linda Hoots – (928) 717-7694
    Facilities Office Manager

Our goal is to ensure that students, visitors, faculty and staff are provided a safe, clean, well maintained and comfortable learning and working environment. We pursue this goal by valuing capable employees working in collaboration with a commitment to obtain the best results for our college community while ensuring responsible stewardship.

Yavapai College's Beautiful Landscapes

Landscapes on YC campuses are designed, planted, and cared for by our team.

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