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Cheryl Williams
Mail, Printing and Distribution Services

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl always exhibits good customer skills and interacts very well with both our internal and external contacts. Cheryl is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done and is a great team player.

I feel the work performance and personal traits of all of my team members are exemplary, however, during the current pandemic, they have all gone above and beyond to persevere to get the job done in sometimes very different and unique ways. They have all dealt with the constant changes and sometimes daily 'I know we did it this way yesterday, but today we're going to try it this way' scenarios with grace and a sense of humor.

Kellie Porter
Residence Life

Kellie Porter

This person has the most amazing attitude for her department, other departments, the division she's under and the entire school. She's always bubbly, in a positive mood and will always make you smile!

She is open and transparent with her communication, supportive of all new ideas and creative to make everything work. She adapts in ALL circumstances and sacrificially spends more time on campus than I'm sure she wishes, but safety and help are at the front of her mind.

When COVID came her reaction needed to be quick, mindful, and adaptive, and she did that all very successfully and quickly. She ensured first that all of our residence lift students were taken care of! Then that they had a plan to help them in anyway we could. She organized meals, timelines and transportation and we all, especially the students, are thankful for her. Thank you so much Kellie for all you so for our students.

Marie Hardman
Allied Health Professor

Marie Hardman

I would like to nominate Marie Hardman for the Roughrider Salute Award. I have been supervising Marie since 2009 and during that time I have seen Marie grow tremendously in her faculty role. She is innovative and eager to learn new things that will help her deliver quality instruction. She is forward-thinking and anticipates changes in occupational programming and makes suggestions for modifications to curriculum that keep our programs timely, relevant, and compliant with outside monitoring agencies.

Marie is always happy, positive, and is a true team player. She takes every new team member under her wing and helps them transition from careers in industry to careers in education. She assists new faculty with course development and freely shares her time, course shells, syllabi, calendars, and other teaching materials without hesitation.

She makes time to offer community education courses each year and takes responsibility for seeking professional development to keep her knowledge and skills current in a wide variety of topics. Marie is qualified to teach every Allied Health course offered and it is not uncommon for her to teach five different courses per semester.

Some might say, “Well, she’s just doing the job that is expected of her”. Well, that is true. But while doing her job, she maintains a pure and simple Outward Mindset at all times. Her goals are to provide top-notch instruction, prepare competent healthcare workers, contribute to a peaceful and cohesive workplace, and support her team members, and she does this in a professional, kind, and selfless manner.

It is a privilege to work with Marie Hardman.