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December 2022

Jeremy Poehnert

Jeremy Poehnert - Coordinator, Enrollment Mgt

When I recently became employed here at YC, Jeremy reached out immediately and offered to assist in any way he could, while I was getting oriented to my new job. He went above and beyond to provide information, such as staff roles and departments here at YC, and it was very helpful. I witnessed him reaching out to others who started employment after me, as well. Jeremy is very committed to his job at YC and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Jeremy is always smiling and has a very positive attitude.

Jeremy is knowledgeable, professional, and he has great work ethic.

Jeremy is always kind and helpful to everyone.

Malinda Wrisk

MaLinda Wrisk, Instructional Support Specialist

MaLinda is consistently friendly and goes above and beyond to assist the Allied Health faculty and staff in completing our tasks. She is also the primary resource for the Allied Health students who wish to attend the Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Internship classes. She monitors there progress in the application process and reaches out to them as needed to keep them on track. She answers any questions they have in a prompt, friendly and professional manner. I feel our internship classes now have more enrolled students because of her interactions with the students.

Since she has arrived, MaLinda has revamped many of our outdated AH forms and has streamlined the internship application process.

She is an excellent role model for others and is consistently dependable.

Her quality of work is amazing! And she accomplishes all of her many tasks in a timely manner and without any complaint.

She has a consistently professional demeanor and is extremely hard-working.

Sheena Priebe

Sheena Priebe

Sheena is one of our IT Security Specialists at YC. She architected a YC Cybersecurity website so our stakeholders can learn about new threats and keep data protection in mind in their daily activities. Sheena also plays an active role in our phishing campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of email phishing. She keeps us safe by monitoring our environment and proactively engages our stakeholders when they need to be aware of IT Security situations. Sheena does all of this work with a great attitude and appreciation to customers for their help in preventing cyber security incidents.

Sheena, thanks for all you do for YC. We are fortunate to have you on the team!