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Julie Garver

Julie embodies all the Roughrider Salute values. She is working hard every day to make sure payroll goes smoothly and she quickly addresses any problem with a consistent team player attitude.

Stephanie Wiltcher Sproul

Stephanie has demonstrated a great commitment to customer skills while helping to keep CTEC open during difficult COVID times. She is readily available to help both students and faculty needs which vary considerably on a day-to-day basis.

She shows up early and stays late in order to provide the excellent service that is needed. Today she stayed all morning in the lobby to ensure that students, faculty, and staff knew how to use the new Wello machine at CTEC to help keep everyone safe.

She is friendly to all who enter CTEC, and people seek her out when they need all types of things. Stephanie has a knack for getting out in front of issues and helping to keep potential problems at a minimum. She works diligently with the MICTED to keep young students on track, while also helping the mining interns ensure that they are making up missed work and keeping the mine abreast of any difficulties as part of the internship program.

We are proud to have her as a team mate!

Kirsten Adaniya

Kirsten brings a spirit of positivity wherever she goes and doesn’t let things get her down.

When something goes wrong, or we have extra work, she is willing to come in early, stay late, or work on weekends to get things done.

Kirsten is meticulous in her job responsibilities and ensures each project she completes will further the direction of the institution and support student success.

She loves to take on challenges and never feels like a request has to "fit" her job description or title.

Kirsten has been instrumental in maintaining the student development website, chat bot maintenance, implementation of 3rd party software (Accommodate, Register Blast) and is currently working on the new and improved Roughrider Scheduler deployment.

Kirsten's positive attitude and "can do" nature is instrumental in the day-to-day and long-term success of Yavapai College.