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June 2022

Aimee Russell


Aimee was hired earlier this year for the athletic department. With a lot to learn and the pressure of deadlines and commitments, Aimee jumped in feet first and with a smile. She is eager to learn, eager get things done in a timely fashion, eager to help where needed. She epitomizes a Roughrider Salute winner!

If she doesn't know the answer, she will find it out. Being the front line to the downstairs of building 2, she entertains many people from students, student-athletes, coaches, weight room patrons, pool patrons or anyone off the street. She is often asked about things, schedules, locations. She is quickly knowing the answers but, no matter who it is, if she doesn't know, she is eager to help and will find the answer.

She has quickly learned new systems and procedures. she is working with various computer systems from those from Yavapai to those from the National Junior College Athletic Association. She has learned those systems in a very time sensitive manner.

Her work ethic and character are above reproach. She comes to work early and is non-stop for 8 hours a day. above all else, she pays attention to detail which in our department is crucial as it affects the eligibility of student-athletes.

Zeke Turpin


Zeke's attitude is inspirational, to me and to all of my crew. He leads by example with hard work, honesty and humility. His commitment to his job and the responsibilities he faces every day is, again, an example that we should all aspire towards. He will not put things off or walk away from a job or situation until it is figured out or complete.

Zeke is always available to listen, sympathize and offer advice to me whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed with my crew. He is sensitive to everyone's situation but always takes a firm stand on what is best for the college thus, always pointing me in the right direction. He is friendly, courteous and always listens when anyone comes to him with their concerns.

I cannot say enough about Zeke's work performance. He has taken our custodial department to a higher level. His concern to equip everyone with the proper tools needed to do the job have boosted everyone's moral. It is very easy to see that he holds our department as a top priority and never settles for second best. He is completely hands-on when it comes to hard work and has continuously fixed and corrected anything he sees that has been neglected. He will not leave any job incomplete which is a true inspiration to our whole crew.

Zeke's outstanding personal traits, I would say are: kindness, dedication, honesty and empathy. He has the ability to sympathize yet stay pragmatic and firm about the best interests of Yavapai College. His sort of leadership influences others to feel proud about their job performance. He has a great sense of humor and he is always willing to help anyone. He is just someone who really cares and that makes all of us want to care as well. We are extremely happy to have Zeke as our manager.

Patricia Berlowe


Tricia has been committed to the college for over 15 years. During that time she has consistently been engaged wither her peers across campus and is a strong supportive voice for the OLLI program. She sees the college in its whole form and stays engaged in a number of committees for a variety of subjects.

You can see Tricia's interpersonal skills hard at work every single day as she interacts and communicates effectively with a variety of personalities. Her OLLI members come from all walks of life and have different needs. She is able to listen, adjust and assist each individually with a warm smile and kind word for them all. It is not uncommon for her to reach out to a student to check in on their wellbeing. She has a natural ability to sense when someone has a deeper need and will act on a solution for those needs she sees.

Tricia is dedicated to performing her job at the highest level. She can often be seen going above and beyond in any role, task, or responsibility she is a part of. She pays close attention to details and can effectively adjust to the needs of new situations or projects.

Tricia is truly a one of a kids gal! She is beyond funny and her smile can change the entire environment of a room or Zoom. She is honest and dependable, someone who can always be counted on. Her wisdom and incite into changing situations are always an appreciated insight. I know the Division of Lifelong Learning would be lost without her diligent and organized work ethic.