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February 2022

Spencer Coffin

Academic Affairs Division

To ensure student success, Spencer always makes sure to be available to his students, and is known for staying late, or even coming in on the weekends, to tutor students, or help them with repairs or modifications to UAS, so the students have a successful semester.

Since being hired on as an Associate Professor for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Spencer has gone above and beyond to improve the program. Spencer spends between 40 to 60 hours week at the campus and out in the field with students. On campus, he teaches regularly. When he's not teaching, Spencer is typically in his office improving the UAS courses. Spencer has gone through all of the UAS courses and updated all of them to reflect current industry needs, as well as redesigned all of the courses to match YC's standard course shell for uniformity. Additionally, Spencer has made close to 300 hours worth of short videos that he has injected into his curriculum to to improve students success. These classes are anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes a piece, and usually showcase very technical operations like building, programming, wiring, and troubleshooting unmanned aircraft. He has continued to excel as an instructor by getting his students to design, build, program, and flight aircraft autonomously with a wide array of sensors to collect industry specific data from the air.

Spencer has volunteered off time to learn how to operate the new concrete 3D printer that will be used this semester to 3D print homes. He has learned the different aspects of the printer and is ready to co-teach in the first course in the nation, to teach people how to 3D print homes. His continual devotion to the program and self-growth, is a true testament to a professional educator. He has spent close to 50 hours learning how to set up the printer, operate the software, and mix concrete and admixtures proportionally, which has led to numerous successful prints during an Independent study course that was ran in the fall semester, and this spring semester. without his time spent volunteering on this project, the 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) course would not have been ready to run this semester.

Along with the course, he has been building from scratch, two other 3D printing courses that are taught at CTEC, and new this year as well. I have come to learn, that there isn't technology we run, that Spencer can't figure out how to operate and teach. I am very impressed by his dedication and grit.

Spencer continues to show his ability to work independently, with little to no direction needed. between taking the drive to create new and updated content for courses he inherited, create new content from scratch for new courses, and to continue to seek for self-improvement, Spencer is ahead of his peers. All content he creates for his classes, is to continue to remove the need for textbooks and other added costs to courses. His content is genuine and meets the requirements of Quality Matters, and OER. He is a team player who continually puts others first. To ensure student success, Spencer always makes sure to be available to his students, and is known for staying late, or even coming in on the weekends, to tutor students, or help them with repairs or modifications to UAS, so the students have a successful semester. I am truly proud to work with Spencer, and watch him continue to grow as an associate professor and to effect positive changes in our students lives.

Angela Fabela

Community Relations and Student Development Division

Angela emits calm, gentle vibes and is always quick to help and share her expertise. She puts her students and colleagues first.

I have been on a couple of committees with Angela, and she is always so respectful--never interrupting or displaying ego. She patiently waits for everyone to talk and then communicates effectively by asking questions in a way that makes everyone feel like their opinions and suggestion are valid and important. People gravitate towards her because her interpersonal skills are so genuine.

Angela works really hard, and she is on a lot of committees. Every time I email her with questions about the nursing program, she is quick to respond and gives detailed information. She did a fantastic job of directing the YC Pipeline project!

Angela is so sweet and helpful. I always feel comfortable going to her with questions, and her students feel the same about her. She is humble and never patronizing. She has a way with people that makes them feel important and valued.

Lisa Rhodes

Finance & Administrative Services and HR Division

Lisa is thoughtful and consistent in her work at Yavapai College. She supports the college employees using a level-headed approach and relies on her years of experience. Lisa shows concern for your needs with a quick response and a dependable follow-through until the task is complete.

Communication is typically brief with Lisa but to the point. She does not waste time answering questions or moving a project forward in NeoGov. As an HR Business partner, Lisa makes herself available to all employees in her area. The staff has noted how quick she is to respond to their needs.

The college requires HR support on many levels. Lisa appears to handle this with ease. From the hiring, performance management, and benefits, she knows how to help or will find someone to help. Lisa makes all of our jobs easier. It is clear she has a lot to oversee, but her time management makes her a good fit for the role. There was a time when HR did not have the staffing we see today. It was not great. It is refreshing to have people like Lisa here to assist.

Many HR matters require discretion and methodical human communication. Lisa has prioritized these skills and encouraged them in others. Thank you for all of your help.